Agitation demanding employment for 57,000 graduates

The National Centre for Graduates and Unemployed Graduates Union have decided to stage a protest campaign opposite Fort Railway Station tomorrow (25th) asking to stop the slashing of graduates being carried out when recruiting them to state service and demanding that all graduates who have fulfilled basic qualifications and sent in their applications to the Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs should be recruited.
It was announced at the media briefing held in Colombo yesterday (23rd) headed by the convener of the organization Chandana Suriyarachchi that the Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs had on 06.08.2017 advertised in newspapers to recruit graduates as development officers.
As such, 57,000 graduates who have basic qualifications for the appointment have applied for the posts. However, with the decision of the government to recruit only 20,000 the unfair slashing began revealed com. Suriyarachchi. He said interviews have begun in District Secretariats to recruit the 20,000.
He said the agitation on the 25th would be against this slashing and demanding to recruit all graduates who have applied and have the necessary qualifications, and other demands such as raising the age limit to 45, stop extending the one year training period to two years etc.
Com.  Suriyarachchi said if the government fails to come up with a just solution for their grievances, a massive protest campaign would be organized throughout the country against the policy of the government.

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