Colour of the May Day is red and its symbol is hammer and sickle

Speaking at a press conference held at the head office of the JVP the Member of the Political Bureau of the JVP K.D. Lal Kantha said the colour of the May Day is red and its symbol is hammer and sickle. However, certain individuals use their party symbols and distort the spirit of the May Day. He said the working masses should refrain from attending such distorted commemorations.
Mr Lal Kantha further said, “We call upon the working masses not to attend the May Day rallies of the UNP, the SLFP and the Rajapaksa clique. We have a right to ask that from the working masses as we give leadership to the working masses. There is a culture related to the may Day. Without this culture, there is no May Day commemoration. There are cultures related to Wesak, Poson and Christmas. These festivals are not complete without their cultures. Wesak needs the Buddhist flag and without the cross Christmas would not be complete. Without the red flag, there wouldn’t be a May Day commemoration. There are leaders of the working class in relation to the May Day commemoration. There can’t be a May Day without Marx, Engels and Lenin. They are the international leaders of the working class. May Day commemorations cannot be held with pictures of political leaders. Also, there are symbols related to the May Day. May Day cannot be commemorated without the hammer and sickle. We of the JVP never use ‘the bell’ when we commemorate the May Day. We use the red flag and the hammer and sickle symbol. The capitalist parties do not follow this culture but carry out various queer acts on this day. They cannot be called May Day commemorations. Hence, we call upon the working masses not to attend such distorted events.

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