JVP May Day commemoration

The May Day rally of the JVP was held at BRC Grounds in Colombo yesterday (7th) with the participation of a massive crowd including its leaders, foreign delegates, artists and party members from all districts of the country.
The May Day theme of the JVP this year is Build People’s Administration forSocial Justice & National Unity!’
The May demonstration commenced from Campbell Park in Borella at 1.00 p.m. and it reached BRC Grounds where the rally was held.
The Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka, its General Secretary Tilvin Silva, the President of the National Trade Union Center (NTUC) K.D. Lal Kantha, other leaders of the JVP and foreign delegates who had come to participate in the May Day commemoration of the JVP lead the demonstration.
Among the slogans carried by the participants were ones that demanded the government bring down COL, inflation, stop selling state resources and on themes of fraud, corruption and crime. A large number of creatively arranged floats, as well as marching squads, dancing and singing troupes, made the demonstration attractive.
The stage of the May Day rally was a beautiful creation depicting the workers’ struggle to win their rights.
Delegates from left parties in several countries including that of the Communist Party in Nepal that is in power in that country expressed greetings of the parties.


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