Make state employees’ salary equal to that of MPs

The minimum salary of a state employee should be made equal to the minimum salary of a Member of Parliament says the President of National Center for Trade Unions (NTUC) Member of the Political Bureau of the JVP K.D. Lal Kantha. He makes this request to the government.
When the living index has gone up by Rs.5000 under the present government alone, the people’s representatives making a request to increase MPs salary is indeed shameful said Com. Lal Kantha.
Com. Lal Kantha says state employees should be paid a salary equal to Rs. 54,285 which is the amount MPs are paid adding that it is a just and a logical demand.
He said attempting to raise the salary of MPs without increasing the salaries of employees cannot be justified. Com. Lal Kantha said according to the manifesto of the JVP the salary of the employee should be equal to that of a Parliamentarian.

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