Roshen Chanaka commemorated

The 7th death commemoration of Roshen Chanaka who was killed in the police shooting at an agitation held at Katunayaka was held at C.S.R. Hall in Colombo on the 30th.
Roshen Chanaka was killed when Mahinda Rajapaksa government deployed police to shoot at the agitation held in 2011 to protest against the attempt of the government to plunder their EPF on the pretext of making preparations for a pension scheme for employees in the private sector.
The commemoration organized by the Inter Company Employees’ Union was also attended by the mother of Roshen Chanka. The President of Inter Company employees’ Union Wasantha Samarasinghe and its Asst. Secretary P. Hettiarachchi and members of the Union participated.
A seminar organized by the Inter Company Employees’ Union regarding the attempt by the Ranil – Maithri government to plunder money from EPF that Mahinda Rajapaksa regime could not plunder due to protests by the employees was held concurrent with the commemoration.


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