Some people vote not only for coconut husks but also for dog poo!

Responding to questions posed by journalists The Member of the Political Bureau of the JVP K.D. Lal Kantha said, “When we demanded a salary increase of Rs. 10,000 for state employees many asked us can the government give such an amount. We said we demand the salary increase the working masses should get; let the government decide whether to give or not. We launched a struggle to get the salary increase and winning this struggle was made easy as it was seen that no person would get a big majority in the presidential election. We were able to win Rs.3000 from Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa’s budget and Rs. 7000 from the ‘100-day government’ after Mr Maithripala Sirisena’s victory. We were able to win our demand without even a one hours strike by correctly choosing the slogan according to the political situation that prevailed in the country.
The trade union movement carried out a struggle against using funds from EPF and ETF for various investments. Roshen Chanka was killed in such a struggle. Many have forgotten these. The present government has abolished the pension right of state employees from 01.01.2016. If the government is commemorating the May Day they should give back the pension rights and other rights of the working masses. We hope to launch a struggle with the May Day to win the Rs. 6000 living allowance.
We were able to reach a certain solution for the SAITM issue. Medical students went back to their studies. The struggle was stopped on an agreement reached between the government and the Anti-SAITM People’s Wall. The government promised to abolish SAITM and solve the issue. However, there are certain areas that need to be solved. As such, the struggle may continue. We, as the JVP, took the stand that the students in SAITM too should get a justifiable solution.
The struggle of the non-academic employees of universities is very justifiable. The struggle continued as the government failed to take instant action.
Every time a political crisis surfaces in the country we, of the JVP, make it an opportunity to get victories for the people. We could get massive victories for the people when there was a political instability in the country in 2001. Due to the unstable political situation prevailing in the country we would launch the struggle to get the executive presidency abolished. We believe it would be a massive victory for the people in the country.
Cabinet ministers in our country have no shame nor do they have any morals. The people who vote for them too are responsible for their acts.
People who go to religious places during festivities pollute such places. How could such people be called intelligent? There are many people who are not intelligent in our country. Such people should take the responsibility of the crimes of the ministers they elect. This is why Bandula Gunawardena has said even a coconut husk can win elections in this country. There are people who are prepared to vote not only for a coconut husk but for dog poo as well.” 

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